Kitchen countertops and sinks, kitchen islands, table tops, stone sinks


Silestone is a hybrid surface made of minerals and recycled materials, manufactured using exclusive and innovative HybriQ + technology. It is an excellent material for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and walls with minimal number of connections.

Cosentino offers a 25-year warranty on Silestone kitchen surfaces.


Dekton is an innovative, ultra-compact and extremely durable material that offers endless design possibilities in both interiors and exteriors.

Cosentino offers a 25-year warranty on Cosentino kitchen surfaces.


Natural stone

Natural, stain-resistant beauty.
Choose the beauty of natural stone without worrying about household stains. Sensa by Cosentino quartzites and granites are treated with an innovative anti-stain coating that will protect your work surface and keep it new.

Cosentino offers a 25-year warranty on Cosentino kitchen surfaces.


Granite is a natural stone formed in nature. Granite is a solid material with a variety of shades. Granite is used both for kitchen surfaces and in other interiors and exteriors.


Marble is a limestone with an expressive and luxurious pattern, so it is widely used in interior decoration. Marble is a relatively soft and porous material, so it will not be a practical material for the kitchen surface.